Am I glowing yet?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

wow, that's really red...

Well I decided to go to a local beauty school today to get my hair cut and colored. For clinic we either have to wear our hair up or it has to be short enough so that it doesn't touch the collar. Since we start back to classes Monday, I decided to use my day off to get it done.

My goal for the color was a nice medium brown with some crayon red streaks. What turned out was a dark brown color underneath with an almost complete layer of maroon red on top with a few bleached spots thrown in where to stylist-in-training hadn't gotten the red color.... Not quite what I was looking for.

I am going back tomorrow for her to fix it, but I am kind of scared of how it will turn out. I am not so sure that I want this color anymore. It's one of those things that is good in theory I guess, or maybe I just can't pull it off. I may just go for a normal brown with some normal red highlights, nice and boring...

Josh's interview seems to have gone well today. He will find out next week if he gets the job. The hours would be weird, starting at 3:30am and working until all the mail has been sorted and put up (the job is w/ the USPS).

The geek side of me is starting to show through. I went today to get my book for my online chemistry class that I have to take and I couldn't resist buying a Taber's Med dictionary also. I am actually excited to start classes. What a dork I am! Not so much the rad tech classes because this year is pretty much a massive review and getting ready for the registry, but I am looking forward to the chem class. Call me a geek, I can take it.

Hopefully, my hair-color fiasco will be over tomorrow and I will actually have some hair left! I guess having a bald head would satisfy the requirements for clinic, wouldn't it....


First time for everything..,

Wow. my first post to my very own blog... hmmm...

I can't believe that I will be starting my second year of x-ray school on Monday. This past year has flown by! Hopefully, this year will go by quickly too. Then I get to spend another whole year going to nuclear medicine school. yay me.... and maybe by the time I am 30 I will have a career. And a kid too, who knows.

My fingers are so crossed for tomorrow as my hubby has an interview for a job that will be a big pay raise and also include benefits! If he gets it, we will hopefully buy a condo and move out of this teeny tiny apartment.

I had to work tonight but I actually love my job. I work as a student tech for a local childrens hospital. I love working with kids and I love most of my coworkers, theres always one though that rubs you the wrong way. Thankfully, she may be moving so yea me and everyone else that works there.

Anyway, I guess it's time to get off to bed. I will hopefully be adding more later.